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2021 Special VILT Prodigy Engineering and Maintenance Training

CCC will be conducting a 3-day special Virtual Instructor-Led Training course on “Prodigy Control System Engineering and Maintenance” from xx till xx xxxxxx 202x. This training is dedicated to CCC customers only and it is open globally. Course timing will be based on the majority of the attendees’ time zone.



Hardware Introduction and Interface

  • Hardware Overview
  • Network Connections
  • CCC Configurator
  • Major Configuration Parameters
  • Switching APPs and IOPs to Take Control
  • Simulation Environment


Building Sample Project

  • Project Builder
  • MakerPro
  • Adding I/O Signals
  • Adding Control Applications
  • Adding Simple Logic in MakerPro
  • Adding Analog and Digital Alarm Blocks (and Change the Alarm Text)
  • Adding Custom Logic Function Blocks
  • Using App Pointers
  • Project Testing on Actual Prodigy Hardware
  • Apply Online Changes
  • Trainview®


System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Debug Mode
  • Modbus Testing and Adding Online
  • Resolving Alarms
  • Taking System Backups
  • Cards Replacement Procedure
  • Chassis Recovery Procedure

Course Instructor

Nabil Abu-Khader, Ph.D.

Mr. Abu-Khader is the Training Manager and Senior Turbomachinery Training Specialist for Compressor Controls Corporation. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical & computer engineering from the USA and has over 20 years of worldwide professional experience.

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