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Revivify: a CCC 1-Day Refresher Training

Revivify: a CCC 1-Day Refresher Training

This one-day refresher Training is open to all previously trained CCC customers and is designed for Operations and Process personnel, Instrumentation Technicians, and Maintenance Engineers. The training covers the highlights of the three-day operations and maintenance training and is specifically designed for memory recall to strengthen the previous training concepts.
It is not designed to replace the standard CCC Operations and Maintenance 3-day training. This course can be offered virtually too.

Topics to be Discussed

Operations Course (4 hours)

  • Compressors
  • Compressor Surge
  • Surge Protection
  • TrainView HMI Basics

Maintenance Course (4 hours)

  • Hardware Components
  • Controller Diagnostic Test Procedures
  • Software and Parameter Set Storage and Management
  • Transmitter Maintenance
  • Configurator Software
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Control System Walkthrough

Benefits of the Revivify Training Course

  • Refresh you knowledge on your control system to maximize efficiency and minimize risk
  • Re-learn system diagnostic gathering to quickly troubleshoot issues or irregularities
  • Maximize yields and product quality with renewed understanding of your system interactions
  • Training takes place at your facility
  • Lump-sum cost: Trainer's travel and living expenses are included

The following are the requirements for CCC’s customized on-site training:

  • Appropriate training room
  • Screen
  • LCD Projector
  • White board with markers and eraser

Other Courses

CCC's expertise extends well beyond providing high performance turbomachinery control applications and reliable platforms. From the basics of industry standards such as API 611/612/670, selection and installation of instruments and control elements, to process optimization strategies, our seasoned trainers will provide training on topics such as:

  • Valve Sizing and Selection
  • General Compressor Operation and Protection
  • Control Elements & Piping Best Practices,
  • And many more. Contact us for a full list of offerings

You pick the date, venue, and the topic – we’ll do the rest.

For all plant personnel.

Product Details

1 Day Course (US only) $14,999.00

Have a question? Need a quote?

Contact us at: training@cccglobal.com