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2020 CCC Regional Training will be offered on-demand at a regional location for 6 or more attendees.

Please contact Training@cccglobal.com with your preferred location (or you can suggest a location) and the names of 6 or more attendees to create your regional training.

In addition, the following regional training are planned:

Region City Topic Dates
3 Days – Surge and Anti-Surge Control
  • Characteristics and consequences
  • Surge detection techniques
  • Controller operating principles
  • Anti-Surge Control Simulation
Performance & Load Sharing Control
  • Specialized Performance control functions
  • Performance Controller operations principles
  • Start up/shutdown sequence
  • Load Sharing / Load balancing
Controller Maintenance and Basic Configuration
  • Hardware system overview
  • Engineering utilities introduction including Configurator
  • Parameters grouping and modification
  • Troubleshooting and analysis
  • TrainView operator interface
4 Days - Includes all 3-day topics plus one day of Advanced Tuning and Surge Testing
  • Tuning control system theories
  • Specific Tuning techniques from anti-surge, load sharing applications and decoupling tuning
  • Surge Testing
Benefits of Regional Training Courses
  • Maintenance and operations personnel gain a better understanding of how the equipment works so they can identify and correct problems
  • Training takes place off-site so attendees can participate and learn without interruptions
  • Overall costs are minimized for facilities that need training for only a few people
  • Courses may serve as training for new hires or as a refresher for existing employees
  • Attendees get to network with other CCC users
2020 CCC Typical Regional Training Locations:
  • Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Des Moines, Iowa, USA
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Houston, Texas, USA
  • Hyderabad, India
  • Milan, Italy
  • Perth, Austrailia
  • Singapore

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