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Instructor-led Training is one of the most efficient and effective ways to bring yourself up to speed on your CCC control system. You'll learn the fundamental principles, terminology, and functional design of your control system to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. Discover how gathering system diagnostics allows you to quickly troubleshoot issues or irregularities, which minimizes unplanned downtime, lowers costs, and improves productivity.

By comprehending the control environment and learning how your system design interacts with upstream and downstream processes, you'll maximize yields and product quality. The knowledge you gain will help you better understand system capabilities and limitations, so you can recognize potential improvements or prevent future issues.

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Instructor-Led Course Offerings

Operations Training

This one to two day course includes the following topics: turbocompressor systems and their descriptions, surge phenomenon and its consequences, the theory and techniques of surge control, specialized controller features, and the operations of the Anti-Surge control system. Other control applications such as Performance, Speed, and Extraction control are covered as required by your specific application. Simulation of surge and CCC control allows for students to pull together an immediate and visual affirmation of their new-found knowledge and abilities.

For Operations, Process, Rotating, and Management personnel.

Maintenance Training
Operations and Maintenance

This two to four day course covers everything contained in the Operations Course, but also includes some additional theory, derivation of parameters, basic configuration as well as exact maintenance procedures for diagnosing and correcting problems using CCC software programs and maintenance tools. As with the Operations Course, this course will conclude with hands-on opportunities for all participants using the simulation software and actual CCC controllers

For Maintenance, Instrumentation, DCS, I&E and Engineering personnel.

Other Courses
Other Courses

CCC's expertise extends well beyond providing high performance turbomachinery control applications and reliable platforms. From the basics of industry standards such as API 611/612/670, selection and installation of instruments and control elements, to process optimization strategies, our seasoned trainers will provide training on topics such as:

  • Advanced Engineering Course - Platform Specific
  • Valve Sizing and Selection
  • General Compressor Operation and Protection
  • Improving Process Performance
  • Control Elements & Piping Best Practices,
  • And many more. Contact us for a full list of offerings

You pick the date, venue, and the topic – we’ll do the rest.

For all plant personnel.

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